Connect Groups

Due to COVID-19, Connect Groups are not meeting together in peoples' homes, but through Zoom. Please email Connect group leaders for information (details below)

What is a Connect Group?

Connect groups are communities of people who meet weekly throughout Liverpool.

Each group does things a bit differently but each looks at the Bible together and supports and prays for each other.

There's normally about 10 people on average in a group. 

Being in a Connect group is an opportunity to live in community, 

to learn to love and support each other, and to learn about God together.  

Why do we meet in these groups?

We believe God created us to live in community with other people,

and not just people who are similar to us; but with people from all stages of life and backgrounds. 

Living out faith in God shouldn't be something we work out on our own, 

it's in the context of meaningful relationships that we learn and grow in faith. 

God himself is a community; He is Father, Spirit and Jesus, the Son.

They display perfect love; love that isn’t selfish or demanding,

but giving and generous, and in Connect Groups, we are learning to do the same.


North Connect

Is led by Chris Gregory and Jack Popplewell on Wednesday night in the Waterloo/Crosby area

Contact Jack


East Connect

We have 2 East Connect groups. 

One is led by Angela Wilkinson and the other by Chris and Anna both on a Wednesday.

Contact Angela

Contact Chris and Anna



South Connect

Is led by James Lang and Naomi Askew on a Wednesday.

Contact Naomi



West CONNECT (Wirral)

Is led by Nat Dickens usually on a Thursday

Contact Nat 



Central  Connect

Central Connect is our student/student age Connect group and meets at our church centre

in the city centre on a Wednesday. It is led by Naomi and Daniel Shin

Contact Naomi 



City Centre Connect

We have 2 City Centre CONNECT groups depending on your location in the city.

One is led by Maurice McCracken on a Tuesday. 

Contact Maurice

The other by Jonathan and Emma Chevassut on a Wednesday

Contact Jonathan + Emma 




iConnect is for international students or anyone international.

It's led by Josh Probert and a team on a Thursday night.

Find out more about iConnect