Small groups

Connect to Jesus, connect to church life, connect to our communities.

One of the amazing things about God, as we see through Jesus, is that he is love.  God is Father, Son and Spirit, they are who they are together, acting in perfect community. So God is love in himself, a perfect relationship, always self-giving.  And this relationship is not closed, we are not stuck outside admiring God, but welcomed in by Jesus, through the Spirit, to belong to him.

If that’s not enough to get you excited, there’s more. Church communities can reflect, make real, display for all to see, this amazing self giving love. It’s why you can’t really do the things Christians are supposed to do by yourself; you can only go deeper with God with other people, and churches exist so that the invitation of God to be part of this amazing eternal relationship can spread even further.

Connect Groups are our church’s way to do this. If you are interested in being part of this amazing project to bring God’s eternal character into visible form, we would love you to join a group. We recommend you either go to a group in an area where you live, or join in with Connect Central, which is for people who live, work or study in central Liverpool.

If you are interested, just drop a line to


Connect Central


Central CONNECT15

Connect Central is particularly for you if you live, work or study in the city centre or the areas just around that. Connect Central gives the opportunity for you to get more involved in church life, learn from the Bible and pray with other Christians. It’s also a great opportunity to build good friendships with other people in the church family.

We meet on Wednesday evenings at the Christ Church Centre. Drinks are served from 7pm and the evening starts at 7.30pm. You’ll sit in the same group every week and we begin with some time of looking at the Bible together and praying for each other.

We also have lots of time to get to know each other and think together about how what we are learning really applies to life, and there’s lots of social stuff that spins off out of Connect Central at the weekends.

If you’re new, please don’t be nervous about coming along. We are a church with a lot of new people coming all the time, and you can be assured that you’ll find a warm welcome.



iConnect is a Bible study group for people who have English as a second language. The Bible study is designed to suit Internationals. We also aim to connect people from different cultural backgrounds to create a sense of community so that Internationals can feel supported and encouraged during their time in Liverpool.

Everyone is welcome to come; whether you are a Christian, if you just want to explore the Christian faith or if you want to meet new friends.

During term time we meet on Wednesday evenings at the Christ Church Centre. We meet on Thursday nights at 7pm for drinks and to chat together and at 7:30pm we start our bible study. We will finish by 9pm.

Connect Groups


Across our city we have community based Connect Groups; getting to know Jesus better, loving each other, and inviting the people who live there to see what God is like. They don’t do anything particularly special – just groups of Christians eating together, talking about Jesus, praying together; but, by the power of God’s Spirit, he makes himself seen through these outposts of eternal life.



Training Group

We are running a training course throughout the year on various topics that we think will most help disciple those people that come to Christ Church. The course is completely free and you can sign up here.