The Christ Church Liverpool library seeks to provide a resource for those eager to learn or just enjoy a good book. This library is fully equipped for those who want to tackle biblical/theological studies, church life, history, fiction, and even bibliographical work. We’ve generously been donated a library of over 3000 books, some even dating back as far as 1613. Each book has been sorted, categorised, and coded and is listed on the library link below. Once you access the library list, you can browse the categories, or search for books you’re interested in.


How to find books:

Below is a link to an Google sheet to all books Christ Church Liverpool owns (you’ll need a Google account but don’t need a Google email address). All books are categorised in the list below.  To search for a book, you simply look through the categories provided or search the document. In order to search click Ctrl(Command)+F, then type the desired title or author in. Searching this way will give the first result to the word typed in, to continue seeing other works with that word, press enter until you find what you’re looking for. The page has been protected so there will be no editing done.

Click here to see our entire library list!

To help your searching process the categories are:

A = Autobiography and Biography 
B = Bible (versions)
C = Commentary 
D = Doctrine
E = Ethics & Science
F = Fiction 
G = Study Guides
H = History 
J = Jesus 
L = Christian Issue 
M = Motivation & Inspiration 
N = True Stories 
P = Church Life & Leadership 
R = Reference 
S = Songs 
T = Theology & Philosophy 
W = World Religions
X = Periodicals 
Y = Youth

Check out Policy:

Please make your way to the church centre after searching and finding the book(s) you were looking for. There you will be asked to fill out a book responsibility agreement form. As well there will be a checkout sheet for the book(s) that you’re wanting to read. Books are loaned out for a 30-day period. We ask you to return the book(s) within that 30-day period or renew the book(s). If books aren’t renewed or returned you will be charged an appropriate fee. When book(s) are returned, we ask you simply to check the book(s) back in, so others are able to check them out after you. Of course, we ask you to treat the books with care. Please let us know on return if the book deteriorates while in your possession.




Recommend reading by Michael Young (our summer intern!)

Voted a 2000 Book of the Year by Christianity Today! Winner of a year 2000 ECPA Gold Medallion Award! History is made up of stories–narratives that recount the events, movements, ideas and lives that have shaped religions and nations. Theologian Roger Olson believes that the history of Christian theology should be told as such a story, one replete with thick plots, exciting twists, interesting people and fascinating ideas. In this panoramic work of historical theology Olson vividly recounts the deeds and words of the cultists and apostolic fathers of the second century, the clash between the theological schools of Alexandria and Antioch, the epochal division between East and West, the revolutionary advent of the Reformation and much more, right on up to the dazzling, sometimes dismaying fallout that has continued to shake Christians through the twentieth century. Through it all Olson detects and traces a common thread: a concern for salvation–God’s redemptive activity in forgiving and transforming sinful human beings. Evenhanded, refreshingly readable, impressive in its breadth and depth, The Story of Christian Theology is poised to become a standard historical theology text. (Amazon recommendation)



Some see the apostle Paul only as a rigid theologian, a strict predestinarian and a narrow moralist. Others view him as the greatest missionary of the Christian era, always on the move for his Lord. Seldom do we read about his genius for friendship, his warm and outgoing personality. Paul was a man who rarely left anyone neutral. You either liked him or strongly reacted against him. Paul’s friends, co-workers, hosts and hostesses have gone down in history. They are mentioned by name in many pages of the New Testament. Their examples remain a powerful testimony to the transforming grace of Jesus Christ, the love for Paul and the Master he served.

F.F. Bruce, one of today’s foremost Pauline scholars, discusses a selection among Paul’s friends in terms of both their relationship to Paul and their relationship to the early church. He places their stories against their first-century background. For the primary source of information about Paul’s friends and associates, Bruce uses Paul’s own letters. The principal secondary source is Acts. The result of the study is a fascinating look at Barnabas, Timothy, Luke and others, who were in Paul’s company and influenced the early church.

An excellent resource book.

(Johan D. Tangelde)


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