As a church we believe it is vital that we have a clear understanding of what we are all working towards.  Our vision statement describes both what we want to be as a church and how we want to get there.  We hope that this serves to both encourage us and focus our plans and actions so that we continue to work together to see God glorified here in Liverpool.

As part of Christ Church Liverpool we want to be:

“Christians in Liverpool city centre, bringing grace to all people, and influencing every area of the city’s life for good”

 We want to do that through:

  • Grace: Trusting that the Gospel of Jesus means forgiveness forever for anyone.
  • Bible: Shaping what we do by God’s living word.
  • Community: Living out the Gospel as God’s family.
  • Missional: Training all Christians to communicate the Gospel wherever they are.
  • Planting: Starting new churches throughout the city.
  • Loving the city: Serving everyone to make the city a better place.
  • Prayer: Relying completely on God to work.